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Segmentation Surveys, Advanced lead capture sequences & Feedback Forms

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What makes Survey Slam Different?

Survey Slam takes the complex process of creating engaging sequences that discover exactly what your leads want & makes it easy… 

High Converting

All our forms have one sole purpose - Conversions!
Click click.. You will be cranking out high converting forms straight out the gate.

Quick & easy setup

Get setup in minutes with high converting surveys for your business with our quick start videos and done for you templates.

Flexible and customizable

Design your forms to your brand guidelines so Surveyslam blends into your current marketing campaigns with ease.

Blog posts

Design your whole sequence, including the micro commitment on your blog post. As soon as your visitor acts a popup sequence kicks into action with the rest of your questions and lead capture form.

Conversion focused ...

Create high converting surveys that your visitors or customers can’t ignore. SurveySlam creates highly engaging, fun experiences that draw your audience in and keep them curious as to what happens next. 

Welcome Mats &

Distraction FREE welcome and exit mats that appear as a lead lands on your site or as they try to leave. Instantly limiting visitors that abandon your site while increasing your sign ups or offer conversions.


Tell distraction FREE Stories, build relationships and explain how things works. Create sequences that guide your audience along a story, wether you are introducing yourself or explaining a process of events.

SurveySlam gathers your audiences entire attention by removing all distractions so they only have to focus on one thing at a time.


Get all the information you need to to make a informed choice and have them information emailed directly to your sales team.

Discover with

Find out what you are doing wrong, and what you are doing right with fun and easy to complete feedback forms.

Built for the you love...

Deep integrations with advanced marketing solutions like Active Camapign, ConvertKit, Drip, Infusionsoft and Ontraport.

"Why do you only price it at $97?

Bastian Ernst – CEO Wild Audience

Are you the rest of the
smart wordpress owners that made the same decision...

You are covered by a MASSIVE money back guarantee. We have a 90 day refund period so you can take your time in making sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you have any questions reach out at anytime to

"The we used this year"

Conditional Logic

Skip questions based on previous answers with a few simple clicks


Segment via lists or tags.

Custom fields

Add information collected directly to custom fields . Inser user typed information directly or asign a fixed value to multiple choice questions.

Unique End Results

Create unlimited end results, So depending on what answers or selections your visitor makes they are delivered to the right content and put onto marketing campaigns that are specifically tailored to their needs.

Exit Intent

Stop letting your visitors bounce. Give yourself the opportunity to give them something they want wether it be a lead magnet, coupon or a explanation as to who you are.

100% Responsive

No matter what you create with surveyslam. It will work with all devices and browsers sizes. so you can rest asssured you don't have to worry about building out multiple versions of the same form.

Conversion Reports

Check the conversion for your survey at a glance. Dive deep and see the drop off rate and conversion for each individual question or step in your sequence.

Subscriber Reports

Read word for word every response made via your forms. Saved directly inside your wordpress dashboard. Even better have each survey submission sent directly to any email address you desire so you can follow up with ease.

Pallete Design

Easily change the colors of each form so they match your brand. Our advanced color pallete design system gives you complete control over headlines, widgets, answers and more.

Smart Link

just copy and paste a smart link into your email campaign and Survey Slam will not ask for your leads name and email. It will apply all tags and custom fields to the lead without the need for them to even touch the keyboard.

Form Path

Create 2 forms, One to capture leads on your landing page and a second form to segment your leads on your thank you page. Survey Slam will send your leads information from the landing page to the next form on the thank you page so you keep conversions super high.

Lead Sync

When a user is logged in to WordPress, SurveySlam can see you already have their contact information (name and email). They will never have to type in their name and email to a Survey Slam form making it super easy to collect information from your members.

Popup, Embed or Page

Every form you create can be used as a popup or even embeded anywhere on your site. We also create a page on wordpress for each form so you dont need any external themes or plugins to start using surveyslam right away.

Answer Actions

What happens when a lead selects a answer? It's up to you, Apply tags, Custom fields, lead scores, conditional logic and assign triggers as to what happens when they finish your form via the end results.

End Result Actions

Sign up to a specific lists or multiple lists, redirect them or show them content on page, apply lead scores and setup notification options via email.

Answer Widgets

Unique answer widgets to ensure you can collect the type of information you need. both multiple choice and open ended.
(button lists, radio buttons, checklists, dropdowns, email submission, single and multiple line text fields, choice buttons and image based answers)

Display Widgets

Every widget you need to get the design you want for the perfect form. (headline, dividers, image, video, text and image, Progress bars, WYSIWYG editors and HTML)

Welcome screens

Easily design welcome screens using the vast array of widgets at your disposal with a call to action button that demands attention.

Open ended Questions

Collect user written responses with ease and even have that data sent directly to your marketing tools.

Multiple choice Questions

ask multiple choice questions isong our carefully selected widget options that allow for both multiple answer submissions or single.

Creative Control

From applying css for the tech heads to creating interactive storys for those of you that like to appear unique. Surveyslam gives you creative control over what you want to acheive.

Email Notifications

Everytime a form is completed have all the results emailed directly to any email address you choose.

Contact Sync

Apply all results of every submission in the note section of your contact records (active campaign only)

More coming soon...

We are always looking to grow and have a solid roadmap of updates in the works, So watch this space...

All these features and we are still warming up… 

Are you the rest of the
smart wordpress owners that made the same decision...

You are covered by a MASSIVE money back guarantee. We have a 90 day refund period so you can take your time in making sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you have any questions reach out at anytime to

We recommend using Active Campaign, Convert kit, Drip, Infusionsoft or Ontraport.

These services use the full feature set of SurveySlam.

You can also use services like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Mautic. Sendlane, Constant Contact and Send reach.

Along with the core plugin you will get access to our training area full with video tutorials and our knowledge base.

We also provide you with done for you surveys you can install in a few clicks to help you get started super fast.

It’s will work with ANY WordPress website.

It will not work without wordpress so tools such as Clickfunnels, LeadPages, Kajabi will not work.

You will be taken to our secure checkout provided by Thrivecart. You can make payment by credit or debit card or pay by Paypal or Apple pay.
As soon as payment has been made you are redirected to our secure membership area at to download Surveyslam and access all training material.

Simple download and install SurveySlam on your WordPress site by following our training videos. Then you can import our “done for you” imports to get you started even faster. You can have your first survey up and running in 10 minutes.

For a basic install we charge $47. 

We also offer a done for you service where we customise SurveySlam forms specifically for your site. 

Contact support at for requests and quotations.

All you need is your own website setup with WordPress (

SurveySlam will not work with the free hosted sites.

Only ones you have installed via your own hosting enviroment.