The Game

Survey Slam™ is a poll-based quiz game where knowing popular opinions can lead you to victory! In a multi-round battle royale, teams will attempt to guess the most popular answers from our surveys.

A fun twist on our traditional pub quiz, Survey Slam™ is one part King Trivia®, one part Family Feud®, several parts drinking, and all parts fun. Popularity hasn’t been this important since high school!

Free to play! Win awesome prizes!


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Where to Play SURVEY SLAM™

Golden Road Brewery – Glendale

MONDAYS @ 7pm (starting 01/06/2020)

Barney’s Beanery – Westwood


High Tide

TUESDAYS @ 8pm (starting 10/22/2019)

The Famous

TUESDAYS @ 8pm (starting 10/29/2019)

El Rey – Ventura

WEDNESDAYS @ 7pm (starting 10/30/2019)

Robin Hood British Pub

THURSDAYS @ 9pm (starting 11/07/2019)

The Dude’s Brewing Co. – Huntington Beach

FRIDAYS @ 7:30pm

The Dude’s Brewing Co. – Santa Clarita

FRIDAYS @ 7:30pm

The Dude’s Brewing Co. – Santa Monica

FRIDAYS @ 7:30pm

The Dude’s Brewing Co. – Thousand Oaks

FRIDAYS @ 7:30pm

The Dude’s Brewing Co. – Torrance

FRIDAYS @ 7:30pm