Survey Slam FAQs

How does the game work?

Think Bar Trivia and Family Feud had a baby! We ask questions to our survey takers and our Surveymaster will ask you those same questions. Our game has 8 rounds that work a bit differently, but your job in each round is to match your answers to the survey’s opinion. It’s like a pub quiz for street smarts. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

What if I am not very good at trivia?

Survey Slam may be just the game for you! Where a classic trivia night is a knowledge quiz, Survey Slam is a bar quiz designed to test how well you know people. Plus, you get to have your opinions heard on the matter as you argue about the correct answer with your fellow players.

What are the rules?

Just two rules: NO shouting out answers(until the host specifically asks you to) and THE SURVEY IS ALWAYS RIGHT. And by “right”, we mean most popular. These are opinions, so they could be totally not the same opinion as yours.

Does it cost money to play?

Survey Slam is a free event! But most venues require a drink and/or food purchase as a player.

Is there a team limit?

There is none! That being said, it may be more fun for you to split into several teams. Plus, you don’t want to split that sweet sweet prize with too many people, do you?

What are the prizes if my team wins?

Prizes are determined by each individual bar and restaurant. Usually, it’s gift cards to the venue. Sometimes they even come with a hearty handshake and respect. And, of course, bragging rights until the next game.

What do I do if the game isn’t 100% awesome?

We do our best to make sure each game is the best ever! But if for any reason you didn’t enjoy yourself, please report any indiscretions and we’ll address them.

What if my local pub doesn’t host Survey Slam but should?

Let us know! We’ll contact them and try to get a Survey Slam game started at the venue! We may even give you a shout out at the first game night!

Who is taking the survey?

Our players, fans, and anyone who visits wanting to have their opinions heard! If you want to take the survey yourself, click here.